17th July 2019

Tree Surgeons Blog - We also do hedges!

In Dartington today smartening up some beech and privet hedges for a local customer.

14th July 2019

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Ash die back

Ash dieback is probably the biggest talking point on radios and in papers/ magazines etc at moment in Arboriculture due to the detrimental effect it will have on the species.


17th June 2019

Tree Surgeons Blog | Emergency Jo in Dartington

An emergency job at the The Dartington Hall Trust estate.

This oak tree didn’t have much buttress roots holding and decided to come down partially on a pathway close to the cider press shops.


12th June 2019

Tree Surgeons Blog - Lightening Strike!

 we were Called out today at the Wave academy school in Dartington to a tree that was struck by lightning earlier in the week!


7th June 2019

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Emergency Call Out

 We were called down to the Mountedgcumbe estate today to deal with a large oak limb that just missed a member of the public out braving the torrential weather walking their pet dog this morning .

23rd May 2019

Tree Surgeons Blog - Timber from the Bantham Estate

 So this week we’ve spent a few days extracting timber on the Bantham estate, now that the fields are dry as a bone and the winch tractor can work at full capacity. 


9th May 2019

Tree Surgeons Blog - Big Equipment and Operator for Hire

MEWP/ cherry picker services:

Today we carried out works with our handy MEWP, on multiple trees dead wooding and reducing the ends on branches at the extremities of limbs that needed attention.

24th April 2019

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Back to School!

Back to Aaron's old primary school here to remove this decaying Norway maple whilst school was out for Easter! 
19th April 2019

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Not such a good Friday.

 Not such a GOOD FRIDAY for our customer here on this emergency job as this large oak tree uprooted earlier in the week crushing the family car!

14th March 2019

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Look away if you don't like heights!

Well what a fantastic few days complete reducing this mature holm oak after a comprehensive tree report was carried out.

There was ganoderma present at the base and also a lot of previous hefty tear outs around the crown, leading to our specifications for an overall crown reduction.

Due to the access to the tree, phone lines present, the size of limbs coming off in places and general awkwardness of the job we decided to hire in a very specialist piece of equipment for this job.



4th March 2019

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Stump Grinding in Dittisham

 A day of fighting through stone and shillet whilst grinding this large bay coppice stool in Dittisham, South Hams .


22nd February 2019

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Tree Surgery in Totnes

 Here’s the boys working in our hometown of Totnes.

Our customer had renovated a cosy shepherds hut underneath some large pine limbs so called us in for some advice after some limbs had torn out in bad weather conditions.


11th February 2019

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Stump Grinding in Dartington

 We started off this morning stump grinding in Dartington near Totnes .

This old chestnut stump was left under a mountain of stone and slate and the customer decided they wanted to landscape/ re-plant something in instead .


31st January 2019

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Horrible Conditions / Happy Client

On days like today it’s always great to get home to an email like this from a great customer for works we recently carried out 

Carrying out works to your trees is just one part of our job , the way we leave your property/garden is what you will see after, and probably remember 


6th January 2019

Tree Surgeon's Blog - The end of an era


So the Christmas lights have been taken down for another year in the beaut town of Totnes

19th December 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - Copper Beech Removal

This fair sized copper beech tree located in Torquay had been surveyedand condemned after years of dealing with honey fungus.

It was deemed unsafe to be left any longer so we got to work in 50+ mph winds even after the customer had politely emailed to say she thought the weather was a bit crazy for “working at height” 

The tree had to be lowered down minding out for the young trees that would replace this beech but also to prevent any large timber finding its way down to the main road to 

A good job complete in testing conditions and it was back to HQ to dry the kit out for the next challenge 

10th December 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - Christmas Log Competition

How would you like your log shed to be nice and full just in time for Christmas??
Well all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning a load of seasoned logs delivered to your door is the following steps :
1. Like and share this blog post 
2. Tag a friend to share the festive cheer
Good luck!
The winner will be announced just in time for Christmas so keep your eyes peeled 🎄
Merry Christmas everyone!
4th December 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - Totnes Late Night Shopping

 Hope everyone enjoys Totnes late night shopping tonight! 

#whatatown #itsbeginningtolookalotlikechristmas

Highly recommend getting stuck into the local tipple as well Hunt's Cider 👌
 — in Totnes.

3rd December 2018

Tree Surgery is in the Genes!

Look at this hero in his A.J Paine and Son waterproof suit all ready for our 24 hour emergency call out service

He even comes with his own transport

Little Freddie is the youngest member of the Paine team but trees our in his genes so it won’t be long before he’s climbing all sorts


17th November 2018

Tree Surgeon's Blog - BT Lines in Avonwick

This mornings callout in Avonwick featuring multiple BT lines.

Luckily with the help of our cherry picker we got this eucalyptus limb done in double time after a severe split in some adverse weather.


15th November 2018

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Happy birthday Stewart

Happy birthday to one of our valuable team members Stewart today!
Over the past few years he’s become an integral part of the team here at Tree Surgeons A.J Paine & Sons and his enthusiasm for tree work is a pleasure to work alongside!
He also joins in all the work place banter but is also knowledgeable and experienced when it’s needed as well.

Happy birthday mate here’s to you! 

9th November 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - Liquid Sunshine!!

Today was a race against time for the team seeings as the weather man got it right for once....... finally

Keeping it simple with the pictures so here’s a before and after of a pretty dense yew tree we removed in Bovey Tracey today.

We had a phone line to contend with one side , and a cemetery the other so we had to swing half the tree in using rigging techniques to avoid a scene from thriller

6th November 2018

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Wind is on the way!

 It looks like today’s showers weren’t just a blip for the team

High winds and heavy rain are going to continue throughout the week according to the MET office , but don’t worry if you have any dodgy looking trees....you know who to call


2nd November 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - Wind Damage due to fungii

 Another fantastic weeks work in the bag for the team

We’ve had a bit of everything to keep us on our toes this week to be fair but no complaints from us .......


30th October 2018

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Cat Rescue in Buckfastleigh

Here’s a post for animal lovers and people with a big old ❤️😀 Part 1: Watch our video
Today we were working in Paignton when we received a call from a customer in Buckfastleigh saying their poor cat Sooty was stuck up an oak tree situated in their front garden 👀

29th October 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - Back at Berry Pomeroy Castle


Working at Berry Pomeroy Castle today on a mighty fine crisp Sunny day.

23rd October 2018

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Storm Damage at Agatha Christie's Gardens

The team started the day at Agatha Christie's Greenway Gardens this morning dealing with a storm damaged limb overhanging a public pathway

12th October 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - Watch out it is windy!

 Reports of high winds and heavy rain over the next 24 hours so please be mindful of your surrounding trees 


8th October 2018

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Fungi

We have recently had some messages and pictures regarding different fungi that are present on our customers trees.


4th October 2018

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Dead cherry Removal

 A Dead cherry removal here in Kingsbridge, with the last few signs of life hanging on in there 


27th September 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - Autumn Colours in Totnes

 When you come back on a job to see a young tree you once planted thriving and giving off awesome autumn colour



24th September 2018

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Emergency in Kingsbridge

 This mornings emergency job in Kingsbridge

This large oak limb had taken out a private electricity line on an estate we manage in the Kingsbridge area, luckily we had the Valmet on hand to make life easier once the electric was switched off


19th September 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog -Preparing timber in Kingsbridge

 We wrapped the week up yesterday prepping a lot more larch timber for multiple customers across the south west ready to be picked up on arctic lorries next week

17th September 2018

Tree Surgeon's Blog - A beech in Dartington

 Damp start to our Monday reducing a beech tree overhanging Bidwell Practice in Dartington.

14th September 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - Woodland in the morning

 Out early in the woodland this morning shipping out more larch

Remember age is just a number when you love what you do

7th September 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - Hedge Maintenance in Strete

 Great finish to the week down in Strete for one of our regular customers doing some maintenance hedge trimming


1st September 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - Logs Anyone?

Anyones for logs?

It is that time of the year again where the customers start to get ahead of the weather 

Give us a call to get ahead of the cold and have your seasoned firewood delivered



31st August 2018

Tree Surgeon's Blog - A Copse in Stoke Gabriel

Deadwooding , reducing , and removing trees in a copse in Stoke Gabriel to finish the week strong !


30th August 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - Whitebeam tree in Paignton

 A fantastic bit of shaping by Danny here on this Whitebeam tree in Paignton, Torbay.


28th August 2018

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Hazel in Stoke Gabriel

Back to it for the team today after a nice long weekend off the tools🕺🏻

We headed out to Stoke Gabriel on what felt like the busiest country lane in the south hams, to deal with 2 totally dead ash trees overhanging this well used road. 🌳


20th August 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - Stump Grinding in Harbertonford

 A small but awkward bit of stump grinding carried out in Harbertonford this morning.

19th August 2018

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Emergency in Harberton

 Just a few pics for you to browse through, from an emergency job on Friday in Harberton , South Hams.


17th August 2018

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Dead Monkey Puzzle

 Here is a dead monkey puzzle removal we carried out this week in Paignton on a bright and cheerful day.


9th August 2018

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Fencing in Totnes

 Not only do we keep your trees in check we also provide fencing and landscaping options to 

7th August 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - Eucalyptus Removal

 The fleet on fleek today in Bridgetown park on day 1 of a large eucalyptus removal 

2nd August 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog -Tree Surgeons in Stilettos

 The tree surgeons version of the stiletto !


30th July 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - Kingsbridge Woodland Management

 A day of woodland management in Kingsbridge today for the team!


29th July 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - Emergency Call Out

 Don’t forget we offer 24 hour emergency callout in adverse weather like last night and today! 

 Until then we will be waiting by the chipper with a cup of tea raring to go 
27th July 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - Sycamore in Harberton

Here’s a nice little snippet of works we carried out In Harbertonford this week for a very good friend and ex AJ Paine's tree surgeon!


26th July 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - a Mature Ash in Kingswear

 Here we are pollarding this mature Ash tree today for the national trust in Kingswear.


25th July 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - The Totnes Show

Todays works took us to Totnes Show field to carry out safety works and inspections on multiple trees that are overhanging the space that will be used by thousands of visitors this weekend! 
20th July 2018

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Brixham Cedar Tree

 1st job of the day today took us to Brixham to remove this cedar tree.

It was a beauty but had outgrown its surroundings 
18th July 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - Summer Branch Drop

 Today’s job took us to Ivybridge where this large oak limb had succumbed to “summer branch drop” we believe due to the increasingly dry weather .

A small amount of decay was present but nothing out of the ordinary , and as you can see this gave our customer quite a scare !

17th July 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - at Grove School Totnes

The Grove Primary School last week after an SOS for some of our wood so they could get creative at their summer fete!🎉
14th July 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - Littlehemston

 Here is a large dead cedar tree we dismantled this week in Littlehempston near Totnes , South Devon.

28th June 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - Rotten Beech in Dartington

We are removing this heavily decayed beech in Dartington today , amazing how it is still standing, this isn’t even half of the decay present!

27th June 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - Creating the ultimate Wedding Gift

Wedding season is upon us and here is a fantastic unique piece created by a local guy from Totnes for a friends big day👰🏼

19th June 2018

Tree Surgeons & Artists Working Together

Here’s a little snapshot of me giving Isobel Coulton and Miguel ( local artists / sculptors) a hand up at Dartington Hall with preparations for their upcoming art exhibit! 

7th June 2018

Tree Surgery at Berry Pomeroy Castle

Always delighted to be working one of the best spots in the county. Here we are at Berry Pomeroy Castle where we manage some of the grounds. 

19th May 2018

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Work at the wonderful Dartington Hall

Just a few action action shots from one of this weeks jobs reducing two large oak trees in Dartington in the South Hams.


2nd May 2018

The Tree Surgeons Blog - A large Conifer clearance and the County is on a roll!

Our latest job took us to Aish, Stoke Gabriel near to Totnes in the South Hams in Devon. I think mother nature threw every type of weather it could at us!

23rd April 2018

AJ Paine & Sons - Tree Surgeons that also do fencing

A fantastic bit of fencing carried out for a top customer in Paignton 😜

19th April 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - A Large Dangerous Horse Chestnut Tree

Here is a large horse chestnut we have removed this week due to being heavily infected by honey fungus .🌳

13th April 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - A tough week finishing at Berry Pomeroy Castle

Another productive week finished by the team today , our works have taken us to Berry Pomeroy castle, Broadhempston, Totnes , and even Cornwall 😅🌲

9th January 2018

The Tree Surgeons Blog - January Blues and the boys are back!

Christmas is well and truly over for the team and back to the daily grind as tree works continues, although it didn’t really end!

21st November 2017

Tree Surgeons Blog - How to select a professional tree surgery company

 If you truly value your trees and want to flourish and survive it is important to get the best possible advice from your tree surgeon.