Tuesday 21st November 2017

Tree Surgeons Blog - How to select a professional tree surgery company

If you truly value your trees and want to flourish and survive it is important to get the best possible advice from your tree surgeon.

Last week AJ Paine & Sons were asked to help a client whose cherry tree, part of the prunus species, had not grown back in the three years since a “so called” arborist had given poor advice and had virtually killed the tree.
It is a shame when you see incidents like this because the tree would have survived if only our client had been given the right advice in the first place and she would have enjoyed the fruit and blossom for years to come.
So, if you are seeking the services of a competent tree surgeon, we would recommend that you carry out the following checks:
Check for reviews and testimonials 
Ask for relevant qualifications
Ask to see their public liability insurance
Ask for advice and estimates to be given in writing so you are clear on what works are expected to be carried out, and how the debris is to be cleared and disposed of properly.
We hope that this advice helps you keep your plants and trees in tip top shape and also helps you select the best tree surgeon possible when carrying out pruning operations to them.