Tuesday 30th October 2018

Tree Surgeon's Blog - Cat Rescue in Buckfastleigh

 Not only was Sooty stuck there , but she was pretty distressed having been up there for over 24hours in the freezing cold weather over last night and this morning !

So we rushed to their aid as quick as we could and whipped out the climbing kit and headed on up the tree.
Stewart got into the main crown and sooty decided to go for a walk out a limb just to make it a little harder for us to rescue her, not to be deterred Stewart followed at haste before the cat made a jump for it!
In the end Sooty was rescued and came to no harm 
The owners were also very relieved to be reunited with the family pet 
Not our usual line of work but just remember........
Not all heroes wear capes 
Today was definitely one to remember