Thursday 19th April 2018

Tree Surgeons Blog - A Large Dangerous Horse Chestnut Tree

Here is a large horse chestnut we have removed this week due to being heavily infected by honey fungus .🌳
The estates tree surveyor had deemed it unsafe to leave any longer so called us in immediately to remove it! 😔
We set up our rigging gear and away we went leaving the young trees around intact and unharmed including the fence also 👍
Once the brushwood was off we brought in the big guns also known as the timber tractor to winch over the main stem and start to pile up the timber ready for extraction 🚜
Another job well done and executed just right , and in a beauty of a spot to😎
For all your tree care enquiries please don’t hesitate to get in touch, there’s a reason we’re still going after 40 years in the business 😜